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Testimonials from a few clients:

Thank you so much for my rv reading.

This is my third reading from you now and I have to say it has changed my life for the better, and wow what a change!

I now know which way to go in life.

My previous life/health trajectory readings has enlightened me enormously, I have been guided to places I would never had dreamed.

What an enlightening reading this one is, WOW! every time I read it I have deep thoughts and revelations. (I can't stop!).

I gave you a question about my health and you gave me not just an answer but a whole new wave of emotion and awareness.

You stated in my reading that; "when I really 'get' that I am here to do this, this will be the greatest shift" well, I think that moment is here, I now know what I am here to do, and just knowing that amazes me!

I realise now that we are all here for a reason in this life time.

I have had shivers down my spine with realizations the past few weeks and vivid dreams that I am still working out and think about every day.

My everyday patterns have changed i.e, sleeping/eating habits are a lot better, I am a changed person, I can't stop thinking about it, I am even getting shivers writing this just thinking about it!

I am not in such a rush anymore, I know something is happening at an inner level but I'm not sure I understand it all.

You said there is a proverbial dragon to slay and I know I am slaying it good time, again, wow!

You mentioned that I have an ancient chinese healer with me, well when I read this another shiver down my spine! I have been working with a meditation course and a chinese healer has been called upon (as per the course instructions) by me as a guide with other 'guardians' of light. (As I have never mentioned this to you).

This means a lot to me I feel very emotional with the latter and a strong connection with source. THANK YOU!

This reading not ony gives me proof of the higher beings around me, but it has answered a lot of questions I have had for years.

I have also been working on the left hand side of my body in meditation to heal the past, then the reading stated that I had beings of light working to make changes to my DNA on the left hand side of my body. wow!!!

Every time I read my rv reading I have an inspiration, a revelation, there are a lot of wows!!

I can't tell you enough how this awakening has mad me feel, my wife has noticed a different person in me.

I am recognising a deep connection on a soul level and trusting myself more, which comes with a deep inner feeling of satisfaction (difficult to explain). I am truly learning to fly!

I love the fact that now I have a deeper understanding of myself who I am and where I am going.

Your reading stated that I will learn from myself and my own life experience which is my highest true this is for the past few weeks after my rv reading I have not just learnt but experienced and gone through changes of emotional/physical releases, awakenings, in profound dreams and awake. Suddenly there is understanding! wow!

I am beginning to feel a 'freedom' of who I am and what I am here to do.

I am looking forward to the future with a clearer understanding.

Thank you for holding the door of understanding open for me these past weeks, I have felt an emotional connection with you during this time. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so, so much team for your hard work in helping me with my problem. I know remote viewing is hard work and I know the time and effort one has to put into it for results. Saying just thank you doesn't do justice for what you have brought me in the reading, but I will have to end somewhere.

I will send an update in the future of my progress and will most likely want your services again. (saving up).

sincere regards,

Alan J Brown
United Kingdom

Hi, sorry for delay, (being a gran-dad has its moments).

I have studied my Optimal Life Trajectory.

I understand now what is holding me back in my relationship with those close to me.

This reading has got right into my 'psyche.

Its as if I already knew these things about myself, yet, seeing it in black & white has had a profound effect.

I have been shown the things that are 'blocking' me from my fear states which are so accurate.

I know now that I need to work to empowerment, and not from inner fear states or my own stubbornness.

I have a wife that thinks mostly negative and its always one step forward two steps back, she is hard work but my insight into this now is more positive.

I have always felt an inner 'fear' but didn't realise it was holding me back.

You stated: "consider for a moment your desire to experience your Optimal Life Trajectory, the essence of this great desire is profound once you truly begin to realise in a new way the significance of being awake enough to desire this and to believe in and experience this"

Well, the latter is happening I feel I am 'waking up' now trusting my own judgment more.

My Optimal Life trajectory reading has given me a path to follow knowing that I can be confident about the future.

I am still digesting my reading, and will do so for some time.

Thank you so much RV Team for the work put into my Optimal Life Trajectory.

Sincere regards,

Alan B,
Cheshire, United Kingdom

I had contacted Remote Viewers to assist me in solving the untimely death of my daughter a few months ago.

She lived in a neighbouring state and from the moment we found out about her death, I was receiving no assistance from the police department in the little town where she had lived.

I didn't believe then, nor do I believe now that her death was accidental but needed outside help in confirming this.

Remote Viewers sent me a very long, very detailed report surrounding this issue.

The facts were very detailed and enabled me to continue taking the steps necessary to move forward in my daughter's case.

The case is not yet solved or closed, but with the help of Remote Viewers, I am able to take information to other agencies that are continuing to look at my daughter's death as something other than accidental.

I would not have been able to do this without the detailed report sent to me by Remote Viewers.

Thank You.
Susan Turnbull "Beliefs Coach"

"Your life is the printout of your subconscious beliefs"
Beliefs ALWAYS lie behind lack & limitation - ALWAYS - no exception.


Professional Coach, Trainer, Public Speaker, Workshop/Seminar Facilitator, Author

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at begin to change"
"Miracles don't require a belief in magic - just a disbelief in self-imposed limits"

My experience with the Optimal Life Trajectory has been priceless.

I am currently working as an electrical/technical advisor and field engineer in Iraq and have come to a definite crossroads in my life, and even being the intuitive person that I am, was having trouble figuring out which path was the right one and was full of doubt.

The reading has not only identified these possibilities but given me the optimal choice and why that was.

This was a choice that I wanted to take but was fearful as being the right one.

During this time of inquiry I had also been experiencing a kind of negativity and energy that I had not felt before.

After reading the 30 Page Optimal Life Trajectory report it led me to the places that allowed me to figure out what that energy was and where it was coming from and put my mind at ease.

This is a period of substantially fast growth in my life and has put question after question in my mind as to if I am on the right track and what I believe is the most important question of all�.. �What is my life purpose?�

My Optimal Life Trajectory reading has answered this and so much more and I am looking forward to my next reading.

-Brandon K.

I was very tormented for many years and was unsure about whether or not my instincts were correct.

RV has finally allowed me to begin seeing more clearly.

Gradually the fog is lifting and my energy field is coming back into balance.

It was remarkable how accurate the viewing was.

I am believer in this and I am very thankful to RV for helping me through this difficult issue.

Robert McLaughlin

I would like to thank you and your whole Remote Viewing (RV) team for the outstanding success that they have helped me achieved.

Your Remote Viewing and other services have essentially helped me close an investment deal with an initial premium equivalent to 11 million Pound Sterling with a further 150 million pounds to come, this success has helped me in a way that you cannot believe.

The precise information regarding the key players I was dealing with was invaluable.

The insight not to push for an initial premium of more than 11 million Pounds was excellent; I believe that not knowing this vital piece of information would have resulted in me blowing the deal.

I look forward to working with you on future projects down the line as I know that success is guaranteed.

Mike Gerriety (Available for telephone verification to serious clients only)

I thought I would take the opportunity to respond to your last answers to my question.

The scandal you are referring to is already in full swing. In Cameron, Mo. a large number of people have been diagnosed with brain cancer. After months and months of investigation it was finally determined that a business in St. Joseph, Mo. was selling a slurry, (fertilizer) that contained chromium. The business was a tannery. The fertilizer was supposed to have an added chemical which makes it safe, hence the fraud and forgeries.

The investigation was headed by Erin Brockavich. Yes, just like the movie. the same person. She is from Kansas. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago a law firm in K.C., Mo. filed a lawsuit against this business. These are the same people we have been going after. The scandal has already begun. I e-mailed her to express my concerns that maybe she hasn't got the right people. Although it is quite possible that they do it seemed awful convenient. I'm convinced that there's more to it.

The Judge, who is the person of light and honor, you described in my consult resides in Cameron. His brother who was the speaker of the house of representatives also resides there. Both criminals. If I was to explain the pecking order it would be in that order down to the individual who's hard drive I have at the bottom.

As you can see it go's all the way to the top. I can't help but think these people were involved in something illegal that has caused this cancers.

To respond to your answers regarding the hard drive. That was right on the money. All I have to do is figure out who I can get to get the job done and I was considering some relatives and a friend. I once worked with someone who is computer savvy.

I was also extremely pleased to see how in touch you were with me concerning what I was going to say to who ever it is. I choose to complete this task. I was going to tell them to find the firewall, crack it, but do not open it. Once again we are in tune.

Thank you.
Rick Searcy

I would like to thank you for the excellent report that I received on my optimum life trajectory.

At the onset I really had a rather narrow view of what would be delivered.

Remote viewing has fascinated me for some time now yet I have always held reservations about what could be done or even if remote viewing was a legitimate skill.

However, to my surprise, not only did you deliver as promised, I ended up getting data that was far beyond what I had anticipated.

You not only cleared up a number of issues that were creating confusion for me in the present but you also opened my mind to greater purpose of my entire life span.

I am at peace with my journey now and very grateful for the information that has been provided to me.

Thank you again.

Dan (Spokane, Washington)

RV Team,

Absolutely amazing work. The details on RV is much more detailed than can be imagined and I only did the 15 page report.

I have used some top psychics before with accurate reading but this is almost beyond belief.

The RV team viewed my wife past in her college days, which has been a big secret for some 35 year.

The information all came out to some shock. It really helps me to deal with why she acts the way she does.

Also, the team has given me some healing knowledge on how to improve the situation.

We had dates, some names, acts, feelings, colors, descriptions, just as if you were there in their shoes.

Thanks again and will be hearing from me again.

Jim, USA



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