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History of Remote viewing

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Benefits of Remote Viewing

Remote viewing, which was used almost exclusively over the past 20 years for military espionage, is now available in the public sector for a lot of interesting & creative uses!

Do you or your company want important information or data on something or someone, or any event, place, object or process that would be otherwise inaccessible? Consider using remote viewing -- seriously, possibly one of mankind's most powerful new tools.

Trained remote viewers are able to experience, feel, see, and describe, detailed and accurate information on any event, person, being, place, process or object that has ever existed, does exist, or will exist (It can take days just to grasp the implications of this!)

Could you, or your company, use or benefit from, this kind of new, rare, unique and scientifically based service?

Why would you choose us over other Remote Viewers?
We have over 10+ Years Experience in the Field!

The scope of things that are possible with Remote Viewing is virtually unlimited for Data Gathering.

  1. Animal Communication
  2. Communication And Empathy
  3. Computer Systems
  4. Contacting Souls
  5. Creative Ideas
  6. Deep Mind Probes
  7. Determining Dangerousness Or Risks
  8. Determining If Child Or Elder Abuse Has Occurred (To Give An Investigator Ideas As To Where To Look And What Questions To Ask)
  9. ET Exploration And Contact
  10. Exploring Alternative Timelines
  11. Financial markets and general investment trends. Timing and probable directions of investment vehicles.
  12. Future Lives
  13. Future Potential Markets In A Certain Area
  14. General And Specific Industrial And Technical Uses.
  15. Geopolitical probable forecasting.
  16. Healing
  17. Help in identifying and locating wanted and potential terrorists and/or wanted criminals and sensing their future intentions and plans.
  18. Historical Events And Information,
  19. Locate Runaways
  20. Medical Diagnosis
  21. Medical Research
  22. Microscopic Structures
  23. Missing Technical Data
  24. Naming Defective Genes
  25. Other Potential Future Events,
  26. Past & Future Art & Music
  27. Past Lives
  28. Personal Family History And Events
  29. Possible Medical Diagnostic Considerations
  30. Possible Solutions To Problems
  31. Potential Cures & Treatments
  32. Prediction of future global or individual probable life events.
  33. Probable outcome of corporate financial and business decision matrices. Advanced assessment and mapping of Future Probability Waves.
  34. Remote locating geological resources and archeological sites.
  35. Self-Exploration
  36. Sub Atomic Particles
  37. Technology Transfer
  38. The Cause Of An Event Or Disaster
  39. The Effects Of A Personal Decision
  40. The Future Effects Of A Particular Event (E.G. Global Warming)
  41. The Location And Condition Of A Missing Person, Child Or Object
  42. The Outcome Of Upcoming Events
  43. The Location Of Mineral (gold,silver,etc) Or Petroleum Deposits
  44. Cache Hunting, Artifact Hunting, Gold Hunting or any other special face of Treasure Hunting
  45. Uncovering Unconscious Material
  46. Unsolved Cases Or Mysteries

The above was just some of the things that are possible.

Our current clients are in all parts of the world and of various backgrounds.

Every client is unique to us and we strive to provide the best service to any and everyone!

We handle all sorts of queries & projects of any scope from anyone!

Fill out the our online form to contact us to get this top notch service at your disposal.

Remember accurate information/knowledge is the key to POWER!

We also provide powerful Remote Influence Services at
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