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History of Remote viewing

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About Us

We are a team of experienced Remote Viewers since 1999.

Professional Memberships: 

Training and Seminars Remote Viewers have attended include:

Practiced in the dissolution of barriers and limiting beliefs, increasing intuitive clarity, discovering authentic self and defining life path, increasing awareness of how energy flows between people and the synergy of events

The Jonathan Wave and the Shadow Rising Process

Our Remote Viewers have studied over 1,000 books, attended over 50 seminars and received training in many modalities related to hypnosis, health, remote viewing, healing, energy flow, spiritual emergence, and the human awakening process, shamanic practices, drumming circles.

Real Remote Viewing will be done on your behalf whether personal, investigations, government, stocks, trades, money market, business decisions, employee screening, and anything else you want.

Your information & projects are 100% confidential with us.

We also provide Remote Influence Services at the following website:

We are an Independent Remote Viewing Consulting Service with clients from all over the world.

Members of: The International Remote viewing Association

Due to the nature of the remote viewing process, we cannot provide clients with numbers and names.

Remote Viewing data can produce specifics on regions, nearest identifiable aspects of a locale,
and any data relating to visual and intangible aspects of a target person, place, or thing.

All our Remote Viewers viewers are required to be at least 95% accurate.

When independent data is corroborated with the data from other viewers, a near 100% accuracy
level is achieved.

This does not mean that our clients always like the data. Data from the Matrix is not biased or subjective.

Often the data is surprising. But regardless, it is accurate, and it is up to the client whether that
information is to be utilized or not.

The initial client consultation is free via email. If the client decides to hire Remote Viewing Consulting, our
project managers will formulate the cue.

Once the cue has been formulated, the target is assigned target reference numbers, which are then given
to the team of viewers.

The viewers remain in the blind, given only the target reference numbers and not the target cue.

Within a week or more, the sessions are performed, collected, and the data corroborated.

The client is then sent an email report with an Executive Summary.

We retain the right to decline projects that are deemed to be unethical or illegal. All projects are fee-based and are not contingent on rewards received, bounties won, treasure found, or stocks sold.

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